KOHA was created with the vision of strengthening communities through supporting local Chicago and Milwaukee area businesses. KOHA is a unique fundraising platform that links local businesses with their customers, drives revenue to those businesses, with the ultimate goal of supporting community initiatives. There are no commitments or upfront costs. Business owners donate a small percentage of their sales or flat rate back to the customer's school or nonprofit of choice.

KOHA's fundraising app makes it easy to shop local businesses, support schools and nonprofits fundraising campaigns, all with just a snap of a receipt. KOHA doesn't just drive customer traffic, rather it drives community traffic that helps community fundraising and offers a sustainable way for local businesses to give back to the community.

What can KOHA do for your business? KOHA...

  • Gives customers a reason to shop your business and increase foot traffic and sales
  • Utilizes a pay-per-sale community model; you only pay a percentage of each purchase or a flat rate back to the school or nonprofit of choice, made by your customers
  • Is a mutually beneficial way to give back to the community.  As long as you are giving, you get back, no more having to awkwardly turn down donation requests
  • Provides an online portal which tracks donations from sales made at your business; see who are your most loyal customers and more
  • Offers digital media support and push notifications to inform your customers of what's happening at your business
  • Does NOT require any upfront costs
  • Does NOT require POS software or system modifications

KOHA is about giving and getting in return, all benefiting the local community and their fundraising efforts. Business owners are not directing where the donation goes, but rather the customer that is shopping your business.  There's a sale, there's a donation, that simple.  Interested?  Click here to learn more.


Dashboard with live trackers displaying crucial information
Profile management and customization
Historical and live fundraising data
Feedback and ratings from your consumers
Marketing tools such as push notifications


"KOHA will give my business a chance to be more visible to families in the school district. I'm excited to reach out to more families in a better way."- Dr. Ross Gavino, CounterStrike MMA Academy

"I am thankful for all the support the community has shown for my business the last few years. It's nice to have a way to give back so they know we support them as well, not just with the services we provide, but as an invested member of the community." - Dr. Elizabeth Spence, Smile Downers Grove

"I’m a huge supporter of District 58 School District, particularly Kingsley Elementary because our children go there. Our business supports various fun runs, PTA fundraisers, even special benefit nights, but they can be time-consuming. Working with KOHA will allow us the time to promote our business to the school district community and to give back on a more consistent basis. KOHA is truly a win-win.”- Jon Scoggin, mojos east coast eats 

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