School Fundraising Program in Milwaukee & Chicago

Do you want to make an impact on your school but need help getting your fundraising idea started? KOHA can help your school's fundraising campaign get off the ground with the help of your community and local businesses. Turn everyday shopping and services into fundraising opportunities for your school!

KOHA is a unique and cost effective fundraising platform that provides year-round fundraising for schools. When your school works with us, every purchase made at a local business or service that is on KOHA gets a generous percentage donated back to your school. You can even track the success of your campaign on your dedicated portal, see which businesses are your biggest supporters and more.

KOHA’s easy to use platform and app seamlessly connects your school with local businesses and families in your community. KOHA's unique fundraising app makes it easy for families to support school's fundraising efforts with just a snap of a receipt! Every purchase made at a local business gets a percentage donated to your school. Don't only take our word for it, ask our supporters,"Utilizing KOHA is a great way for PTA's to support their local community businesses and it is an easy way for those businesses to give back to support the students in the community." Karoline Kellam, President, Downers Grove Area Council of PTAs.

Ready to partner with KOHA? Click here to get started and see all the resources available to you and your organization. If you cannot locate your school, please send us an email.

SHOP, SNAP & SUPPORT your school! Fundraising made easy the KOHA way! 



    KOHA is partnered with Downers Grove District 58 & 99, the Education Foundation of Downers Grove, Indian Boundary YMCA and Secure Futures Chicago. KOHA is expanding its reach into the Chicago area and Wisconsin. 


    Use the calculator below to see the power of KOHA's community fundraising app. Notice how everyday living can translate into fundraising opportunites. Enter the average amount you think a family might spend and the frequency of that spend (per week, month or year) in each of the categories listed below. The calculator will then determine the supplemental fundraising potential assuming 50 families are participating and use the KOHA fundraising app.

    Dining in
    Neighborhood Market, Bakeries, Catering, etc.
    Dining Out
    Restaurants, Coffee Shops,Ice Cream, etc.
    Dry Cleaners, Hair and Nail Salons, Home Services, etc.
    Apparel and Accessories, Pet Stores, Toy Stores, etc.
    Golf, Movies, Bowling, Batting Cages, etc.
    Yoga and Gym Classes, Dentist, Chiropracter, etc.