KOHA was created with the vision of strengthening communities through supporting local businesses. KOHA recognizes there is a symbiotic relationship between local businesses, the people they cater to, and the communities they exist in. KOHA provides an online fundraising app and platform that links businesses and their customers, by driving traffic to local businesses, with the ultimate goal of supporting community initiative and their fundraising efforts. 

Simply stated, KOHA helps tap into the generosity of local businesses and services when schools and nonprofits support them first. By dining at the newest local restaurants or breweries, buying your next outfit at a local boutique, getting a fresh detail on your car, or even indulging in a latte, the KOHA fundraising app lets you support your favorite school or nonprofit organization with everyday purchases at no additional cost to the customer.


KOHA is a Māori tradition that involves the act of giving with the purpose of return, similar to the phrase "give and take."  KOHA reflects the mana or honor of both the giver and the recipient.  It signifies what the giver is able to give, and the respect and admiration in which the giver holds of the recipient of the gift.



KOHA’s mission is to promote sustainability for local businesses and the communities they serve. We are committed to providing solutions that produce sustainable, long-term value for small business, local organizations, and the people they serve. 


Koha loves local.  Make the choice to shop small and see the ripple effect it creates. Small businesses generate revenue that often goes back into the local commnunity, creating jobs and in turn brings more businesses and organizations into the community, while all the time supporting local schools and nonproftis.  That is the essence of KOHA. Add value to your business and your community. Give back by getting involved locally and shop local!

To move forward, you have to give back - Oprah Winfrey


KOHA is committed to the community, where local businesses owners become Community Heroes to schools and nonprofits and where schools and nonprofits champion supporting local businesses.  THAT spells COMMITMENT.


How it works

Download the app and select which local organization you wish to support


Visit any participating KOHA merchant partner and do your shopping.


Take a picture of your receipt using your mobile device.


Your school will automatically receive a percentage of each purchase you make.


Accumulate points and redeem rewards at KOHA merchants or donate points for cash to your nonprofit of choice.

The App

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KOHA Dashboard

Your purchases make a positive impact on a school's fundraising campaigns. Monitor the success of your efforts and those of your peers through our real time dashboard.


Choose from an array of participating small businesses within your community. From florists, hair salons, restaurants, even your dentist can contribute to your school.


Track the progress of your groups fundraising efforts, suggest future campaigns and check out your schools fundraising leaderboard.


Earn and redeem points for FREE goods, meals, experiences and services from all participating Koha Merchants.


Rewards Record and track your purchases in real time by simply taking a picture of your receipt.